This section contains footage from the 1960s and early 1970s featuring British wrestlers and famous foreign visitors to Britain during this period.

Match locations and dates will be completed here soon.



1. Adrian Street & Bobby Barnes vs. Alan Dennison & Sid Cooper
2. The Wrestling Game (1962) features footage of Zoltan Boscik, Peter Cortez, Al Hayes, Goria Nankovitch, Don Steadman, Dennis Dean, Ray Hunter & Dave Arron
3. Georges Gordienko vs. Paul Leduc
4. Ricki Starr vs. Karl Von Hess
5. Ricki Starr, Argentino Rocca & Miguel Perez vs. Jerry Graham & Fabulous Kangaroos
6. Ricki Starr vs. Frank Fozo
7. Ricki Starr vs. Duke Keomuka
8. Short clip of Vic Hessle wrestling in France
9. Clips of Jeff Kaye vs. Pancho Zapata from 1969 and Ricki Starr vs. Pietro Capello
10. Billy Robinson vs. Karl Gotch
11. Wildman of Borneo & Steve Haggerty vs. Ray Hunter & Al Hayes



1.       Billy Two Rivers & Paul LeDuc vs. The Destroyer & Glen Sharkey (Montreal, Canada, 1973)

2.       Mr Wrestling (Gordon Nelson) vs. Kintaro Oki (Japan, 1972)

3.       Gordon Nelson, Buddy Colt & Gorgeous George Jr vs. Toyonobori, Great Kusatsu & Thunder Sugiyama (Japan, 29/10/1969)

4.       Hassan Ali Bey, Monster Rousimoff & Franz Van Buyten vs. Rusher Kimura, Isamu Teranishi & Thunder Sugiyama (Japan, 2/5/1972)

5.       Ian Campbell & Gordon Nelson vs. Toyonobori & Tadaharu Tanaka (Japan, 5/12/1969)